Natural Ways to Reducing Heel Spur Pain

People who suffer from heel spurs know the tremendous pain that accompany it. In many instances, patients would know exactly what is happening and what causes their heel pain.  The pain is caused by a formation of calcium on the bone of the heel. The band of tissue between the toes and the heel called plantar fascia separates a little from the heel and as the calcium accumulates because of that separation, a heel spur will develop.

A heel spur can go undetected unless an x-ray exam is performed. It is, in most cases, a minor problem but the pain it causes can be extreme enough to prevent doing a simple task like walking about. An inflammation of the plantar fascia, a condition called plantar fasciitis, will aggravate heel spur pain which may result in chronic pain in one or both feet.

A well-used remedy to cure heel pain due to heel spurs and plantar fasciitis is an ankle wrap with apple cider vinegar. Stretching the affected foot with the use of arch supports or orthotics can help reduce impact of movement and over pronation to the foot and reduce pain. Ginger and turmeric is also believed to help with heel spur pain. Resting and icing the foot also aids with inflammation and pain.

Nigella sativa oil is an anti-inflammatory herb that helps with swelling and pain. This can be used as an effective natural remedy.

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