• Heel pain

    Heel Pain: How to relieve heel pain with foot orthotics? Mechanical plantar heel pain, Neurological heel pain, Arthritic causes of heel pain, Achilles Heel Pain

    Heel pain is experienced by millions of people all over the world.  While the most common cause of heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis, there are other factors that could cause it such as nerve impingement, arthritis and tendonitis.  Heel pain is frequently due to a mechanical cause but can also occur due to trauma, neurological […]

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    How to prevent the formation of a heel spur?

    It is essential to find out the exact cause of abnormal elongation of the plantar fascia to properly treat a heel spur. If flat feet are the cause, orthotics with rearfoot posting and longitudinal support to the arch is very helpful in healing. Stretching exercises, wearing correct footwear with better cushion for the heels that […]

  • Natural Ways to Reducing Heel Spur Pain

    People who suffer from heel spurs know the tremendous pain that accompany it. In many instances, patients would know exactly what is happening and what causes their heel pain.  The pain is caused by a formation of calcium on the bone of the heel. The band of tissue between the toes and the heel called […]

  • Various Methods of Treatment For Heel Spurs

    Heel spur problems are related to plantar fasciitis so they have similar methods of treatment. The first step to controlling heel pain due to heel spur is rest and management of inflammation. One must avoid physical activities that exacerbate symptoms such as extensive walking and running. Long periods of standing should be avoided to let […]

  • How Heel Spurs are Related to Plantar Fasciitis

    Many people have the impression that Plantar Fasciitis and a heel spur are one and the same. There are times when diagnoses are similar but not all cases are similar. A heel spur and plantar fasciitis can occur singly or either one can be associated with other conditions that lead to arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and […]

  • What are Heel Spurs?

    Heel spurs are abnormal bone growths at the bottom of the heel bone. Calcium is deposited at the side of the heel bone with the protrusion growing until a half inch. The usual causes of heel spurs are associated with abnormal gait, poor posture, incorrect shoes or physical activities that put the foot in an […]

  • Heel Spurs: who are most at risk?

    The heel is the body’s largest bone in the foot. When there is heel pain, the entire foot hurts. Heel spurs are frequently the cause of pain in the heel. Repeated stress on the foot’s muscles and ligaments cause calcium to be deposited in the heel. This causes the connecting band of tissue between the […]